Moog Little Phatty
Tribute Edition



UPDATE 6/1/2009: Sold. Boo. This means I own no analog any more (except some neato Metasonix gear), and I didn't exactly expect that. At any rate, my studio is starting to seriously suck balls.

UPDATE 2/8/2008: I don't really wanna, but if you can offer at least $1500, I *should* sell this, for purely financial reasons. I'm liable to change my mind on a moment's notice. I'm retarded.

UPDATE 9/17/2007: This awesome little analog monophonic science station is the Tribute Edition Little Phatty, serial #106 out of a thousand made. The YouTube video shown here is my original Parallax song "Inner Circus."

The Phatty does everything you need, and nothing you don't. It's got a soft, creamy, rounded-edge tone, compared to the more abrasive, raw qualities of the older Moog bitches. It's a perfectly, beautifully refined synth and a great way for anyone on a budget to have "that Moog sound" for their studio. My Tribute Edition is a collector's item and I can't imagine its monetary worth ever meriting my selling it. I'm psyched just being able to live in a world where something called a "Little Phatty" synthesizer even exists, let alone a world where I get to own one forever. I have a blast with this thing and hope everyone into synths gets a chance to experience one for themselves.

So yeah, it's got a little less interface bells & whistles than its big brother, the Voyager, and also one less oscillator, so I can't honestly rate it a full five stars in comparison. So let's say it's a solid 4.9 outta five!

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