Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine Prototype


(Returned to Metasonix)

UPDATE 10/18/2007: Financial strain has forced me to return the almighty Wretch to Metasonix. Such a thing does not belong in the hands of mere mortals anyway.

Behold, the world's only synthesizer made entirely of vacuum tubes! This unit is one of only three prototypes in the world (#2, actually). I've been very fortunate to work with Eric Barbour at Metasonix on instruction manual graphics for the TX-2 Butt Probe, and more recently panel graphics and manual co-writing credits for the TM-7 Scrotum Smasher!

The Wretch is a sonic nightmare; a box full of poltergeists. NOISY, NOISY GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE. Words cannot express the deep admiration I have for Eric's shitting this box of filth into the toilet of the musical hardware industry. Nothing comes close to the perfect industrial wreckage this thing spews out. I've used it for sound pulp for an occasionally-used animated opening for the series Fark TV already. I love getting really drunk and trying not to burn my fingers on those tubes. They really are right there in the front panel, glowing with million-degree heat, mere millimeters from my dumbass fingertips.

The embedded YouTube video was created in March, 2007 for one of my favorite blog sites, MatrixSynth.

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