Welcome to Parallax headquarters, a repository for ALL the electronic music efforts I've put together since the mid-1980s.

I may never be better known than for my animations, but the music was the driving force behind the first films made. "'Sci-Fi Guys'" was originally created simply as excuse to showcase my Parallax music, promoting tracks climbing the progressive and electronic charts on the then-independently driven mp3.com as far back as 1998.

My YouTube channel features some underground video work and also many live Parallax performances. These videos have amassed a combined viewership of over two million and counting.

Two Parallax releases, the homegrown "umop apisdn" and Futuron release "Visit the Entropics" (produced and engineered by Randel Osborne) showcase extreme synth soloing and complex, off-time compositions. Other unreleased albums exclusively listed in my discography here all feature scratch tracks and for-fun efforts downloadable FREE in mp3 format! And of course, latest efforts to compile a decade of new material into a third official Parallax release are in the works!

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Basement recordings and rare old studio demos.

umop apisdn

100% live progressive instrumental onslaught of intergalactic notes.

Visit the Entropics

Lush soundscapes, rich textures, and dizzyingly fast synth warfare.


Scratch tracks from 1997 through 2003.

Sometimes Y

Exclusive collection of work tracks from 2004 through 2010 (and beyond?).

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