My condo is filled with synthesizers!

UPDATED 5/25/2008: CLICK HERE for a bigger pic of my studio!

Here's tons of fun for you synthy gear junkies out there (OK, that's not very many people, but believe me, they're out there). Click any thumbnail below to read my own personal comments & 5-star ratings of all my various keyboards, *and* hear MP3 sound samples for each! A few even have snazzy YouTube video demos I especially created. As I continue this sickness of adding to this blinking, lumbering heap of techno-boxes, I shall of course update this page as needed.

As of May '08, I'm rokking out much to the chagrin of my condo neighbors & still saving my dough for a house to move into, on some far-off, possibly fictional day. I've bought and sold so many synth, I've elected to make a separate page for them. Check that page out too since there are lots of MP3 sound samples and frivolous commentary archived there to enjoy! Why not just flush away your afternoon, lusting after everything I've gotten filthy with my fingers?

For more delicious gear pr0n, check out pics from the 2005 Analog Heaven Northeast gathering!
And here are pics from Analog Heaven Northeast 2007!

UPDATE 6/1/2010:

Dave's Pile of synths!
Click any thumbnail to see the synth!

Nord Lead
Ensoniq Mirage
Korg O1/W FD
Korg TR-61

Little Phatty
Redback Edition
Roland Axis
"Tron Edition"
by CustomSynth
Roland JD-800
"Gandalf the White"
by CustomSynth
Roland Juno-106
Roland JX-3PG
by CustomSynth

Don't forget to check out the synths I used to own!

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