Oberheim OB-Xa


(On permenent loan)


This is one fat, fat, fat, fat bitch of an analog. A monstrosity both in the universe and in your sound mix! Everyone who's read anything about this thing will tell you first that it was the keyboard used by Eddie Van Halen in "Jump!" Naturally I've never been able to replicate this sawtoothed beef myself (my board was purchased without presets, not that Eddie ever used them), but as the sound sample suggests, particularly in "unison" mode, there is undeniable warmth going on in between the classic wood paneling and industrial strength knobs of most everyone's favorite Oberheim.
UPDATE 9/23/2006: I have decided to sell this board at about half its street value to a buddy of mine for him to basically hang on to, forever. The up side is I can still use it at his place, and his studio is where I do my high-end Parallax recording anyway...

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Copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace