Professor Television's
Photo Theremin




This comparatively cheesy homegrown contraption is a total blast to play with, and highly recommended hardware for late-night space-out sessions. It functions just like a real theremin: it generates a simple tone, and the placement of your hand near the device affects the little bugger's pitch. But no, it's really more than that! It's not your hand, it's the shadow your hand is casting on the theremin's light sensor! That's because this is a PHOTO-theremin, one that reacts from varying light sources.

This single-oscillator thingy sounds amazing once processed (sound sample has some very wet reverb and delay added)...sounds just like a '60s sci-fi movie. Plus it's got knobs available for tweaking the pitch manually, and LFO rate and depth adjusters (an LED light blinks in time with the LFO modulation). Finally, the LFO can be switched between triangular (natural sounding vibrato; think of an American siren) or square (now think of a British siren). These effects are all monkeyed with in the sound sample.

I got mine directly from "Professor Television" himself on eBay, but if you want a better selection of case colors (six available!), you'll have to pay retail on his site.

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Copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace