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I know a lot of musicians, and every one of them is "working on a new project," or "thinking about getting something going," etc. Even musicians already enjoying bread-and-butter projects are like this. There's just this nagging need to keep coming up with new ideas and new concepts, and this month's PACKRAT COMIC touches on that.


At what point will synthesizers become infinitely expensive? This is the kind of thing that troubles THE PACKRAT!


Hey, here's a BLOG POST I wrote for Keyboard Magazine about my recent experience at the NAMM SHOW in Anaheim, CA. It's the biggest expo in the world for musical instrument manufacturers, buyers, distributors, and (of course), the artists who use them. I met a lot of cool, famous people and felt generally swanky the whole last weekend of January. Check the article out if you have a few minutes to vicariously visit the show through my virgin eyes.


This month's PACKRAT COMIC explores why online purchases might not necessarily be a sure thing just because the seller arranges a local pickup.


Check out this month's eye-popping PACKRAT COMIC!


Here's an extra PACKRAT COMIC done for Kiwitechnics, which just released a super-ballistic upgrade for the Juno-106, called Kiwi-106. It transmogrifies your humble old Juno into an utter MONSTERSYNTH. The Juno-106 was my very first keyboard, bought new in 1984, and since March of this year it has been getting completely refurbished (down to the very last solder contact!). When it gets back to me in the next few weeks or so, it's going to truly be the best in its class! I can't wait to share some video demos of it!


I still spend a lot of time lurking blogs like Matrixsynth and it's startling how much more often pictures of synths get love than audio embeds actually USING synths. Why exactly do us geeks love these things so much, but couldn't possibly seem to care less what our fellow geeks are doing with them? There's a lot of crap out there for sure... maybe it's just too much of a time gamble to wade through the noise in search of the occasional too-rare gem! Anyway, for the December PACKRAT COMIC I explored this issue a little bit... drawing to a close another fun year of Packrat comics for Keyboard Magazine!


With so many Italian fans of not only THE PACKRAT but synths in general, I had to give them a bit of a hat tip this month. I just wish a had a bit more room in this strip so I could have actually drawn what Packs is "picturing" in the last panel! :-)


The true psychology of THE PACKRAT might be a bit on the disturbing side.


The latest PACKRAT COMIC is, well... extremely colorful.


My band The Royal Din is featured in this month's PACKRAT COMIC!


This month THE PACKRAT gets a real boost to his musical career!


YAY! I finally uploaded a new YOUTUBE VIDEO. This one's got nine synthesizers all maximally & magisterially cranking at once, so don't miss it!


The latest PACKRAT COMIC expresses the good ol' common-sense message that gear does not make the player. Somehow though I don't think common sense has much to do with people spending thou$and$ of buckeronis on toys...


The latest PACKRAT COMIC addresses the issue of whether or not working with limitless gear can still somehow limit your creativity.


Ten years ago today I uploaded the first Retarded Animal Babies movie to! Since I still have no new episodes to share (although I'll never say die!), I decided to answer the call of thousands of fans, and finally upload RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES 9 to Newgrounds! Since 2004, RAB9 was a DVD-exlusive episode on 'Every Little Something By Dave," and later also available on the 2006 "Retarded Animal Babies, the Definitive Collection" DVD (no longer all that definitive, since eight more episodes have come out since then). But DVD sales have pretty much run their course, and after all this time, why the hell not upload RAB9. As for RAB16, the other DVD-exclusive episode... that'll remain offline for now. Gotta give the DVD owners something to have for themselves!


This month THE PACKRAT addresses, in a spectacularly embarrassing display, the continued issue of the keytar's inherent non-sexiness.


The blog post today on MATRIXSYNTH goes down as one of the best, nicest articles written about me ever, let alone the Packrat book. It is an absolute must-check-out! It plugged the book so well that the signed, numbered 1st editions are sold out! We're into the second run now. They are identical to the first edition in every way except the price tag and the "xx/100" numbering on the front page. You can even get yours signed for a couple measley extra bucks. :o)


The Packrat has a new book out! Go get yourself a copy of THE PACKRAT SAMPLER today! This book has seven years of Keyboard Magazine comics in it (minus a few years spent on hiatus), plus a big 12-page bonus adventure unseen elsewhere. I'll be offering reduced-price signed editions while I can, so don't wait on this one.