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This is the final PACKRAT COMIC, but don't despair, there is a brand new DAILY webcomic I'm preparing to launch soon! Stay tuned...


This update will be good news for RAB fans.... the RETARDED ANIMAL BABIES DVD is once again available right here on!


Here's the first PACKRAT COMIC of 2015!


Since THE PACKRAT is no longer being supported by the magazine, it needs your help to keep synthing along! Please visit the PACKRAT PATREON PAGE and pledge a monthly donation!


This month THE PACKRAT begins a new chapter at MATRIXSYNTH, the best synth blog in the universe! Be sure to read this excellent post in which I lay out all the details that led up to the migration from Keyboard Magazine. As always, the comic will be available for viewing right here on and also the Packrat Facebook page!


Dogs simply do not belong in the PACKRAT universe.


Last year for Christmas, my wife gave me a rubber unicorn mask as one of my gifts. Well, it finally made it into a PACKRAT COMIC.


It's "Back To School" time for an academically confused PACKRAT!


My band THE ROYAL DIN just released a new 5-song EP today! Check out the band website and order up a copy for only $5!


As this month's PACKRAT COMIC helps illustrate, absolute keyboarding corrupts absolutely.


If you see similar shapes when playing chords on a piano or keyboard, as seen in this month's PACKRAT COMIC, shoot me a messages over the the Facebook Packrat page; I'd love to find out I'm not the only one! :-|


People who can afford synthesizers probably don't have the blues, as this month's PACKRAT COMIC illustrates.


I know the economy is bad, but expecting bands or any other form of (presumed professional) entertainment to provide a free service is a pretty awful trend, and I address it in this month's PACKRAT COMIC. I have always hated the concept of "providing exposure to a band" as an ample enough reason to "let" them play on your stage. Everybody needs everybody equally; it's not much of a stage without somebody performing on it, after all. Granted, lesser-experienced bands might jump at the chance to get some exposure, work for tips, etc., but this is really just busking. And the fastest way to kill a music scene is to strangle its market. If you've only got lesser-quality, unpaid people purveying their art in a given area, it ain't much of a scene. Rant over! :-)


I know a lot of musicians, and every one of them is "working on a new project," or "thinking about getting something going," etc. Even musicians already enjoying bread-and-butter projects are like this. There's just this nagging need to keep coming up with new ideas and new concepts, and this month's PACKRAT COMIC touches on that.


At what point will synthesizers become infinitely expensive? This is the kind of thing that troubles THE PACKRAT!


Hey, here's a BLOG POST I wrote for Keyboard Magazine about my recent experience at the NAMM SHOW in Anaheim, CA. It's the biggest expo in the world for musical instrument manufacturers, buyers, distributors, and (of course), the artists who use them. I met a lot of cool, famous people and felt generally swanky the whole last weekend of January. Check the article out if you have a few minutes to vicariously visit the show through my virgin eyes.


This month's PACKRAT COMIC explores why online purchases might not necessarily be a sure thing just because the seller arranges a local pickup.


Check out this month's eye-popping PACKRAT COMIC!


Here's an extra PACKRAT COMIC done for Kiwitechnics, which just released a super-ballistic upgrade for the Juno-106, called Kiwi-106. It transmogrifies your humble old Juno into an utter MONSTERSYNTH. The Juno-106 was my very first keyboard, bought new in 1984, and since March of this year it has been getting completely refurbished (down to the very last solder contact!). When it gets back to me in the next few weeks or so, it's going to truly be the best in its class! I can't wait to share some video demos of it!