FARK If you haven't been to Fark yet, you're just plain ridiculous.

Newgrounds 20,000+ Flash animations! 150 submitted every day! Beware though, 90% of it is complete crap! But there's a great little community there (mostly high school kids; I think I'm around about the oldest member there, to be honest) that votes on which ones are the best. I post some of my more crass Flash toons there, but I like periodically checking out what tomorrow's internet art stars are up to!

bOINGbOING One of the world's premier Blog sites with daily linky goodness served up steaming.


Lee Ann Lovelace My wife's music page on MySpace!

MatrixSynth Updated several times every single day...awesome synth blog!

Metasonix Awesomely bad tube-driven boutique music products! Occasionally featuring disgusting illustrative panel art by me!

Vintage Synth Explorer has specs and details on almost every synth ever made.

106.9 WCCC CT's #1 rock station. I used to intern on the Picozzi in the Afternoon Show between 2001-2003. They call me "Kroeger" because of the resemblance to Chad Kroeger (whatever). I still visit them and go to all the radio station Christmas parties and orgies whenever I get a chance.

Teltan.org Electronic, Progressive, and Psychedelic Music - two radio shows from University of Hartford's WWUH 91.3 FM - both DJs like Parallax music and are therefore in my will and certainly my links page!


Toothpaste For Dinner Super-minimalist & consistently brilliant, Drew (just Drew) is well worth your daily eyeballing. Also don't miss his wife's webcomic Natalie Dee, and companion webcomics Married to the Sea and Superpoop.

PvP 10-year-old mother of all daily webcomics, with a feast of nerdy comedy & continuing plotlines.

XKCD Brilliant geek humor abounds here, and despite it being primarily a stick figure webcomic, it's deceptively artful at times.

Art, Fun and Games

Random Neural Discharge Click on his "Games" link and play the most addictive game any of my friends ever made, "Click and Waste." I played it for eight hours in a row one day. Greg Izzo...I'll get you for this.

Mishmash Media, Inc. The world of Xeth Feinberg, a fellow Flash animator and Moron Supreme. He is the creator of Queer Duck which recently appeared on Showtime before "Queer As Folk," and also at Sho.com. Also, get a load of his famous Bulbo animations. You'll crap yourself.

The Woodring Monitor Jim Woodring's blog. If you haven't heard of him, you owe it to yourself to discover him. His gorgeous comics & paintings are like indescribably hilarious yet horrifying fever dreams.

Free Fonts

1001 Fonts It oughtta be renamed 10,001 fonts. They're gonna have that many there soon! I and about 100 other fontmaker extraordinaires have fonts in their armory.

Creamundo Fantasic (and huge) searchable free font site.

Larabie Fonts Nobody can top Ray Larabie. Why he's gone ahead and created 300-odd original fonts for free public use is beyond me. If that wasn't enough, they're actually world-class, too! I've seen his stuff used in at least a few dozen ads and products.


Moving Pictures Located in Middletown, CT, this company does high-quality TV and video production. Why am I linking to it? Hey, my brother Steve runs the joint. Check it out, I know you're bored!

Redshift Digital Audio Behold the king of audio production. This guy has something like forty synths in his palatial Essex, CT studio. He is also the esteemed producer of the last Parallax CD, "Visit the Entropics," technical director of both my DVDs, and my primary synth tech. In other words, this guy does it all, and is basically my savior. Go check out his site and show him some love...


Stella is a fantastic program allowing you to design your own polyhedra, print out nets for paper construction, and just trip out. There's even a 3-D view mode if you've got the red-and-blue glasses kicking around! UPDATED 3/13/2007: New 4D version! Make four dimensional solids like the one animated at left! Holy crap tarts!

Polyhedreality Visit the super-genius who created some of the artwork (including "Artificial Radiolarian Reticulum" seen on the cover) for "Visit the Entropics." Professor George W. Hart has about 1000 Quicktime VR movies of polyhedrons, but that only scratches (O.K., gouges) the surface of his extraordinary collection of pages. He very well be the next Buckminster Fuller (you know, the geosphere [you know, like the Epcot Center] guy).


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