Access Virus kb



UPDATE 2/8/2008: Whittling down the studio, this board has been sold. But, knowing me, I'll buy another one again someday.

UPDATE 6/9/2007: This synth is identical in every way to the Virus Indigo that I used to own, except for two important things: two more octaves on the keybed, and 512 less presets in the bank. I think this is an excellent tradeoff since it's such great fun programming this amazing-sounding analog modeler.

Access keyboards are widely renowned for their perfect sound quality and I would have to agree with the consensus. It's almost too perfect! Some might say a digital keyboard lacks warmth and character, and while I would definitely agree in regards to some, I certainly don't in this case. I'll go on record saying my Virus is the best all-around sounding synth in my studio. Five stars!

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