Roland JX-10




Welcome to the '80s everyone!! The JX-10 model, or "Super JX" as it proudly displays in lettering usually only seen in the logos of finer Hyundai automobiles, is Roland's first 76-key (with velocity and aftertouch!) offering. Released in 1986, it represents the zenith of minimalist (read: NO KNOBS) design sensibilities, and as a direct result, the nadir of editing convenience. External PG-800 programmers were used to interface with it since everything's fairly well buried in LCD menus otherwise.

I like the clean quality of a lot of the 64 available patches, which isn't very many given the almost $2000 price tag this thing originally carried. I went out of my way to give you some retro flashbacks with the sound sample.

I bought this board to be a controller for my studio, but decided to use my little USB one here instead. It is definitely a slippery-when-wet chunk of totally tubular synth history though.

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Copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace