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I currently have two experimental electronic albums available for sale! Parallax music is an odd mix of traditional electronica with progressive rock. It's pretty geeky, wanky stuff, frankly. The first album is just nuts, all kinds of soloing everywhere, and the second album is guilty of this as well but is at least done in better taste. All the same, most people seem to like these albums for what they are. Here's a very nice review of my second album on for one example, and the reviews I've gotten on are pretty nice, too!

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Visit the Entropics!
Released 15-Dec-2000
Running time 54:13

Produced at Redshift Digital Audio, this CD features very lush soundscapes, rich textures, and the same sort of million-note instrumental warfare you can expect from Parallax by now!

Buy it right here, or you may elect to instead purchase it at Amazon or CD Baby if you have accounts there. Alternately, individual tracks are available for sale at iTunes. Be sure to click links in the tracklisting right here to check out MP3 sound samples!

Only $9.95!

Track Track Listing Length
1 Entropy (5:42)
2 Ryu (6:16)
3 Zymurgy (6:06)
4 Secret Space (4:58)
5 Ties That Bind (3:56)
6 Third Rail (4:31)
7 Demonosaur (7:01)
8 Umlaut (4:41)
9 Spiroid (4:53)
X Hapax Legomenon (6:19)

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umop apisdn
Released 1998
Running time 63:31

This homegrown album uses sequences made on my old Korg O1/W, with most of the interesting bits actually played live on the CD with my Roland JD-800. Yup, that's right, basically a two-track mix, all processed within the Korg, recorded in my brother Steve's studio! All this said, it actually sounds pretty good!

This album is just stuffed full of very strange, off-time songwriting and tons of solo work for an electronic music album. Sound samples will be available soon!

Please note: This disc ships in a protective sleeve only (no booklets available now), hence the low price:

Only $4.95!

Track Track Listing Length
1 Jaws of Death (5:09)
2 Godzillion (6:41)
3 The Leper (4:36)
4 Inner Circus (3:58)
5 Emulation (3:43)
6 Circumfuzion (5:18)
7 Funhouse (3:18)
8 Descent (4:03)
9 Fractal 1 (5:22)
10 Hexagon (5:17)
11 Red Hot Needle (5:08)
12 Tetrahedron (7:02)
13 Hg (1:56)

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