Yamaha CS-50



Welcome to 1976! Here we have an 80-pound rhinocerous. Isn't it delicious? It's the 4-voice little brother of the CS-60 and CS-80 which were released in the following year. Ehh...you know all this info is the same as vintagesynth.org so I'll just stop quoting.

Want some interesting new info from an actual owner now? Sure...check out that knob-controlled pitch bender on the left of the panel. And the sound sample which makes heavy use of the excellent ring modulator whose functionality is readily and awesomely available right on the damn front panel. Don't see that very often.

This sucker gets points for coming in its own case AND STAND. That's like a baby being born in its coffin and knowing how to walk already too. Anyway, I went halvsies on this and a Polymoog today with Randel (whose feet are shown image). The pic is taken the very SECOND we got it back to my place and took the case off. I'd never even seen one in person before it was already here! NEAT!

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Copyright 2005 David C. Lovelace