The mullet itself is still in its infancy, but an evolutionary hurdle of the lifestyle itself is passed when I get my first Camaro. The first thing I'd like to point out is that I'm wearing the exact same turtleneck and sweater here, and it's THREE YEARS LATER. Only someone this desperate to hang onto the crap his Mom bought him in high school could ever achieve the highest levels of Mulletary Oneness.

Other things to notice in this image are the ski rack, vanity plate, the new Oakley sunglasses (and it's a shame you can't see the Oakley logo that I had put on the windshield of the car later in the year), and the striped Zubaz's (sorry about the bad picture) tucked unceremoniously into the rear-entry ski boots. I really thought I was an ass-kicker back then...but that's all part and parcel to the much-needed Agressiveness factor. We didn't have X-Games back then. We had Camaros and skiing and Rolling Rock Beer.


copyright 2000 David C. Lovelace