Welcome to the Funhouse...a mixed bag of arty crap that never really found a home anywhere else, so it got stuck here, like the gallery equivalent of the "Island of Misfit Toys." So enjoy your visit in this veritable boiler room of umop.com and please do not hold anything here too much against me...

UPDATE 12/25/2009:

Click any image below to see the full artwork!

KeyTar K6-h

Spoof ad I sketched for my buddy John E. Neon! Mostly making fun of him but also the '80s in general.

Qubix screenshot

Cool 8-bit (ultra-chiseled!) game concept from way back in 1996 (never made).

The Raven

One of a few images for a short feature film that flashes by in just a few frames... subliminally...

Tivo desktop

My humble entry into a Tivo contest from 2001 or so. I lost, of course.


Character development of a "female businesswoman with spunk" for an ad agency.

Three musicians

Made some art in Jan. '04 for local CT act "That '70s Band"


Shiny delicious charicatures made for a dandy sticker sheet, featuring the five members of the Best-Ever 80's New Wave Tribute Band!


I made this in 1997... my first animated GIF!

Big Cheese

This guy is really stinky! I bet you work for him.

McGraw-Hill Characters

These are characters from various McGraw-Hill products I worked on between 1998-2002.


A buddy of mine dug up this old image from 1997 or so; a character I made for some CD-ROM game I don't even remember.

ARRL Book Cover

Cover art for ARRL book. Would've been used, but the whole project imploded. Character here is modeled entirely after my Dad, who was a HAM-radio weirdo back in the 70's, man.

Children's Book I

Page from a children's book that might get published someday when some publisher's back is turned.

Children's Book II

The main character, "Z," is carting around light bulbs here. Kids will be RIVETED.

Children's Book III

Here's a third picture. Z's in a souped-up Space Tow Truck.

Great Big Globs

Why is he so happy? What kind of guy is he?

Good Ol' Guzzler

If this car offends you, all the better.


What the heck is this?


Jab of "Jot and Jab," two idiotic cartoon characters I frequently draw. Check out their Flash animated adventures sometime.

Jovian Bird

What if birds lived on Jupiter?


I really tried hard when I drew this.


I didn't try nearly as hard here.


He eats maggots!


A neato seven-pointed building.

Steak Urk!

Here's "Jot and Jab" again, at their finest.

"Get-Well" card for my ex-boss

Grisly, insubordinate quackery. Surprisingly, I was not fired.*


The band never looked funnier than they did when they rode the coldneck bandwagon in '97 or so.

Less Like Penguins

Album cover for a weird punk band called Bernie (Bernie Headflap).

A card for Mom

An autobiographical Valentine's Day card I made for my Mother in 2001.

Stephen Wayne

Saturday Night deejay icon of Hartford's own 106.9 WCCC FM! And his little dog, too!


Test comic for a music content website still in development.


Group shot of characters from popular TV show.

Puppy in Space

Somewhat obscene rendering of Puppy done for a Newgrounds-related sketchbook collaboration project.

Spectre Engadget

My entry in the Engadget Mascot Contest for a Nintendo Wii.

The Zymurgy

Completely fictional, inspirational design for a green modular synthesizer!

Steve's 40th Birthday

Birthday card shows me and my brother Steve as kids, wondering what life will be like in the far-off year of 2007 AD!

George W. Bush

Character sketch of the Prez for potential freelance client.

Angelina Jolie

Another character sketch for the same client...

Seaweed Forest

Background for a Left Brain Games client

Undersea Recycling

Background for a Left Brain Games client

Avant Garden

Background for a Left Brain Games client

Ducky New Year 2009

Graphic prepared for a Left Brain Games pinball game to ring in the new year.

Moog 2009 Holiday Card

Holiday card prepared for a Moog Music Company.

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