GET CUSTOM ART BY DAVE starting at only $5!

How would YOU like to get your mitts on something potentially valuable? Or maybe just something very nifty, custom-made and cartoony for YOU ALONE? Click on the Paypal link above and donate $5, or send a money order to the address below, and you can have just that!

I'll take a piece of 8.5x11 paper and draw (with a Sharpie marker) any ONE of my characters saying anything you want (20 words or less, NO PROFANITY or would get me into big, yellow bucket of trouble). I'll sign it, fold it in thirdsies, and mail it to you anywhere in the world FREE! Want it unfolded? $2 extra.

It could be the donkey character from Retarded Animal Babies saying "My best friends are potatoes and John Squiggmier from Luxembourg!" It doesn't have to be a recent character, either. Heck, I'll even draw Barfman for you if you really want me to. Specify details in the "additional comments" field of the Paypal form, and shock me with your bizzare demand.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to time constraints I now must (usually) politely decline requests for super-involved drawings! You shoulda got me back when I was unemployed last year!

For you non-Paypal types, here's an street address to send a money order (no checks!):

Dave Lovelace
56 Rapallo Ave. Apt. 2E
Middletown, CT 06457

copyright 1999-2005 David C. Lovelace